About Connected Health

Our Care Philosophy

Health and disease do not occur in isolation from each individual’s everyday life. At Connected Health we strive to meet all of our clients where they are
without judgment, bias, or hidden agendas. We aim to partner with you on your journey towards achieving your goals of addiction recovery, and inclusive healthcare.

The path toward health is not a straight line and we fully believe our greatest teachers are our patients. Whether you are seeking care for an addiction,
gynecologic health, or a multidisciplinary care facility that encompasses both, we take the approach that it is a privilege to be part of your wellness journey.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to have the honor of meeting soon.

Core Values

Symbol Representing Inclusive, Non-judgmental Healthcare. Three people hugging/uniting.

Inclusivity & Acceptance

We give space to those looking for help. Providing individualized medical care without judgment is essential to connecting every patient to their wellness journey. We’re here to listen, no matter your medical history, to enable you to define what wellness looks like in your life.

Symbol Question mark inside a head. Collaborative and Individualized Care.


We listen and work with our patients to find solutions. If we don’t have the answers or treatments a patient needs we will provide our patient with a solution or a connection to a provider who can help. We work with our patients to set realistic expectations to help them realize just how capable they are.

Symbol of three people with a heart connecting them. Inclusive healthcare from Compassionate providers

Community Repair

We are compassionate and motivated to find the solutions that work for those struggling within our community. We practice self-care and medical empathy, and are mindful of others' journeys. Every person leads a unique life and we acknowledge the need for space and patience to recharge, strengthen and grow.

Symbol of a Lightbulb. Patient-centered, multidisciplinary care.


Community healing doesn’t end at caring for those struggling with substance abuse disorders, or better GYN care. We won’t stop until we’ve created a multidisciplinary care facility accessible to all, and to get there, we fight to find new solutions and recovery programs that work for those in need.

Symbol of a handshake. Innovative healthcare solutions and Treatment plan collaboration.

Connected Collaboration

We work with existing medical care providers and facilities to foster a stronger healing network, focused on delivering quality care throughout the patient’s healing process.